"Kol Ha olam Choir" is a religious children’s choir. 


"Kol- Haolam" which is under the orchestration of Eran 


Waknin who was one of the leading singers in "Pirhei-


Yerushalaim", the leading children’s Choir in Israel. 


After Eran Vaknin’s world tour in USA, France, Morocco, 


with his previous choir, he decided to start his own choir. 


The choir sings in Hebrew, English, French and Yiddish. 


The songs are of religious content supplemented



with a modern musical production.


We take classic songs, and mix them with modern tunes.


All produced by our own Amir Marcus, from EXM record label.


"Kol Ha olam" choir is about to go on a new,


exciting and progressive world tour soon


צרו קשר

מלאו את פרטיכם ואחזור אליכם בהקדם